Bullet Points: people who inspire, flower art, & mediocre coffee.

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  • I really enjoy drinking coffee at nearly anytime of day. Not only so, but I also brew more than I need. It’s a problem. I used to wipe away my tears as I poured the remaining coffee in the pot down the drain, cringing because I know how expensive coffee is. But not anymore! Recently I realized I can save my wasted coffee by pouring it in a mason jar, putting it in the fridge, and drinking it iced later. It’s so simple! Stir in the sugar while the brew is still warm, store the coffee in the fridge, and then mix it with your favorite creamer when you’re ready to drink it. Don’t tell my coffee-expert friends that I do this, but honestly, when I’m on the go or really craving something sweet to pick me up, this comes in handy.


  • Nashville homies— in light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, check out this shirt! I realize the context of these words, but I have to admit: these words are still true today. As I continue to learn and get to know the growing refugee and immigrant community in Nashville, I am reminded of the inspiration I find from people who have loved, cared, and served them first. I’ll have more to say about that in the coming months, but just trust me on this one. Our city is a special place leading movements in loving well.



  • Find this account on Instagram so that we can admire her work together. Seriously, this woman is a walking miracle-maker. She uses plants to create art. And it’s amazing. And if you like it so much, you can actually purchase a journal adorned with her sweet art. I’m still fan-girling over this gift I received over Christmas.


  • Also, while we’re talking about Instagram, please go find this video. Even if you hate cats, do it.


  • This one is for my type A friends because I spent over an hour narrowing down my planner color coding system and this is what I came up with:

Silver- church and ministry

Black- work and internship

Blue- social

Purple- blog

Maroon- wedding planning 😉

Green- adulting

Red- appointments

Orange- class

Pink- birthdays

Gold- other projects

  • I’ve gotta be honest, I love a movie about love, chasing dreams, making hard decisions, and keeping at the good fight. And that’s why I loved this movie so much. It will make you want your life to be a dance number and your dreams to be crazy and seemingly unattainable. Although, here’s my disclaimer: the ending is not what you think it is and you will tear up. After all, Ryan Gosling in the dream, right?


  • I’ve been seeing this book in several of my immediate circles, and made a spontaneous purchase to see what all the hype is about. Friends, I’m only a few pages in, and my pages are already inked and underlined with quotes, numbers, and words I don’t want to forget. This book takes the facts and reality of the refugee crisis, and examines it with a Christian worldview. The more I learn, the deeper my heart becomes for these people in this time. If you are apathetic, unsure, or in any way unconcerned about the refugee crisis, I implore you: read this book. Especially my Christian friends (again, I’ll have more to say about this later).


  • Have you made a resolution list for the year? Whether you have or not, check out my friend’s take on a cool way to enter a new year. I love her idea of shifting away from a to-do list, and being transformed to a to-be list. Be a friend, a giver, bold, unashamed— the possibilities are endless, and give immense opportunity for the grace of Christ to abound. What’s on your list?

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These are the things I’ve stumbled upon throughout my adventures, and things that I think are worth sharing with you. People are creative and special things happen when we run with bold ideas. It moves us. Humors us. Weaves us together. This series is a result of admiring the richness of culture, and the things we can do to support good causes and reflect good values. What’s inspiring your world right now?


Bullet Points: studying in unusual places, wearing quirky layers, and chasing waterfalls in November.



  • Finals are coming up, and if you’re looking for a quiet place to study, hear me out and get here.. Go early in the morning and the only company you’ll have are the mall walkers. Or, believe me when I say that retail dies after 7 PM, and choose any week night. Either way, finding a quiet table is nothing and there are tons of nooks and crannies to find quiet places. And you can get your coffee fix at the a Starbucks just at the top of the escalator that opens before everything else in the morning, as well as the Nordstrom E-Bar open during mall hours. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for doing work that requires a lot of table space, it’s perfect for reading a book, or working on your laptop.


  • Don’t pack away that denim vest yet! Whoever said it’s only good for warm season obviously didn’t say that in 2016. Instead, I bet you could find a fun sleeve to put under it. For me? My flannel fits perfectly under it. And nothing says “Even tough girls like fall and value looking good” like a flannel under a denim vest.


  • One of my dearest friends gave me a sweet gift for no reason, and it’s been a few weeks, but I’m still holding it close. And now, I can cozy up and drink tea— and believe it or not, lavender tastes as good as it smells— while meditating on a beautiful print of Psalm 37:8. Whispering thanks for thoughtful gifts and kind people, and hoping that I can be like them too.


  • Don’t miss out on November– get out and hike! This place is just over an hour outside of Nashville, and the hike to the water falls and back is just about 2 hours. It’s surrounded by more popular parks, so this one is truly a hidden treasure. Granted, it’s smaller. But, it’s perfect to head out before lunch, picnic once you get there, take the hike, and then make it back to the city in time for dinner. Not to mention, the falls are gorgeous.


  • Did you know that decorative throw pillows can range anywhere from $10 to $140— and that’s the Target price. Y’all, that’s a ton of money to spend on pillows that won’t even touch your head. Yikes. I propose a little crafting, instead: find some on the .99 or half-off sale at Goodwill, sew your favorite fabric around the old pillow, and BOOM. You’ve got cute pillows for at least 1/4 of what you would have paid for them, and something so unique that every Target shopper ever will wonder where it came from. Thanks, mom, for this idea.
  • I can’t deny it: this song makes my life feel like a soundtrack. It’s ruined me so that every time I see the sun shining through the autumn colored leaves, I just want to break out and sing: “Stand back and look a little harder– so many colors fill the skyyy, so many good things to coooome. If only they always caught my eye, it’s like an explosiiion.” The video is quirky, but the best things usually are, so.
  • My dad always says that if you don’t like the weather in Tennessee today, hang around until tomorrow— and November’s indecision is all fun and games until it starts fighting between hot and cold, and irritating your hands. Ladies, this stuff is changing my life. It’s super cheap and simple to use, and keeps your fingers feeling good in a way that lotion can’t once it washes off. 
  • Backyard camping is still in style, and this what you need: 40 degree weather, over 30 cozy blankets, a 12 person tent, 10 of your favorite friends to cozy up to, and a blazing fire to sit around and laugh, talk, and share life with without an agenda. I promise, folks, these intentional moments of rest are worth everything.

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These are the things I’ve stumbled upon, and things that I think are worth sharing with you. People are creative and special things happen when people run with their bold ideas, and this series is a result of admiring the richness of culture. What’s inspiring your world right now?