Every plan I made in autumn came to life in the spring.



I always knew I’d fall in love during autumn.

Something about watching the trees turn extravagantly, clutching warm coffee a little closer, and breathing in days that grow shorter makes me want to fall like those vibrant leaves. I’m smitten during autumn, and I never would have guessed that he would fall too.

The truth is, though, I didn’t know that that falling in love in autumn would change my spring. The wonderful, terrifying, beautiful truth is that I didn’t know falling in love in autumn would change my spring, and the way I see growth and beauty. In all those daydreams set in front of a red and orange backdrop, I never thought that falling in love would extend far past one season and I would get the chance to watch the broken leaves come to life over and over again.

I guess when I think of spring, I should think of flowers, hammocks under trees, and grass beneath our bare feet. And I do.

Spring defines more than just the changing of the weather. Her roots extend deeper than the sunlight giving life to the flowers and trees, and inviting all of us to come out of our rooms and out into warmth again—

Those things are noble, but oh, she is so much more than that. Spring is the soundtrack to the change woven within the story of my heart, and the transformation of becoming who I was carefully created to be.

Spring continues the stories that began in the autumn. And honestly, I have to admire her for rising to the task of jumping mid-sentence into my messy, indecisive, scatter-brained stories.

:: :: ::

If I’m going to tell you about spring, I have to tell you about the time I wore a school jersey, and ran around a track that made me feel like a speck. I ran in the last half of the pack, but finished in the first ten because my coach ran alongside me and I hustled to push. It was probably the only time I ever ran with such determination. But, I also have to tell you that I quit that task just days later because I didn’t think I could finish. That was 6 years ago.

I have to tell you that spring is the time when he broke my heart, and the next one did too. Tunes of sadness were my anthems. 6 and 5 years ago.

I have to tell you about the night my best friend and I drove beneath the stars and speculated, “There has to be more to life than what I’m doing now.” He heard me, and just months later, He began to break my heart in a way that was unlike the rest. Whereas the others demolished and burnt, this One tore down so He could rebuild. There marked 5 and 4 years ago.

That led to the first spring of freedom, marked by longing to pen my entire story in beautiful cursive on paper. 3 years ago.

If I’m going to tell you about spring, I have to tell you about the voicemail I listened to a dozen times just to make sure I heart it correctly, and repeated it even more in my head: you got the job. You got your dream camp job–

I battled hard in the spring, believing I had to be perfect before I could be used. 2 years ago.

And I have to tell you that somewhere in the middle of all that, I spent too much time in a hammock, and innumerable times I looking toward the sky and giving myself away over and over—

I have to tell you about the conversations, dreams, heart breaks, victories, and divine moments that filled my springs with hope, excitement, and building; years and years of building.

But there’s one more thing. If I’m going to tell you about spring, I have to tell you about one of the last days of winter. It was the day he asked if he could take me to dinner and hugged me for the first time. It was cloudy, we wore hoodies, and my head spun.

And I have to tell you that he followed up with that promise.

It was the night that I stopped at Gap, just at the top of the escalator, and bought a striped tee shirt dress after work, made it to my dorm room in record time, and saw one of my best friends sitting on my bed with a flat iron. The curls she put in my hair stayed even as I paced around the room, saying, “This is happening. I have a date tonight. This is really happening. Why am I just now freaking out about this?”

I’ll tell you that we walked downstairs to meet him, his eyes passed over the friends that had walked me to the front door like mothers. His eyes immediately found mine, and he just smiled. When we were finally out of ear shot, he said, “You look beautiful.” I heard my heels tap on the sidewalk and I smiled as he opened the car door for me. I caught a glimpse of my best friends looking out from the window just at the end of the sidewalk, and I wondered if the happiness in my heart was the thing they talk about in books and songs.

If I’m going to tell you about spring, I have to tell you about the restaurant we ate at and the way I giggled when he later told me that he could barely eat because he was so nervous.

I have to tell you about the moment we walked beneath the Nashville sky, and he slowed down just so he could call me his girl.

1 year ago.

And if I’m going to tell you about spring, I have to tell you that every story she has ushered in has taught my heart to boldly blossom emerge from the cold, cold winters. Spring has become a symbol of the growth of my being and reconciliation of my desires to its Creator as it meets the fullness of life by seeking wisdom, dreaming bigger, and moving unapologetically.


:: :: ::

Throughout the seasons, spring became an illustration of flourishing. As I broke my heart, ran hard, and sought Love even harder, my soul became restored. He reached out for me and beckoned me to grow, grow, grow.

Because when I think of the boy I fell in love with in autumn, I think of the way things changed in the spring— the way we grow with the blooming trees, and the way we do things completely beyond ourselves in the moments we choose to not be guided by ourselves.

I think of spring, and I think of the way he loves me when I feel unlovable. The ways that he has moved toward me and with me relentlessly. It’s like even when I want to fall in darkness and short days, he waits for me to come back. He meets me to show me the bright colors, the soft grass, the sun, and the life that is blossoming.

Our story is more than one season. In all my daydreams, I never could have penned that story before he changed my plans last spring.

I’ll still fall in love every autumn, but he’ll never leave me there because every dreamed I dreamed and prayer I prayed in the autumn blossomed in the spring. 

She is a place that has woven herself into my story so that I could grow, rebuild, and become transformed closer to who I’m meant to be. Let me nurture that season fearlessly and relentlessly as I fight to be the girl I was made to be. All my autumn plans and daydreams, let them flourish in the spring.

All the doubts, heartbreaks, victories— let them become real.

Remind me always: every plan I made in autumn came to life in the spring.

:: :: ::

Inspired by the friends who make me wanna love spring more, one year spent with a boy that loves me unconditionally, and the Father cares for me wonderfully so that I might grow, grow, grow.


Five things to buy today and thank me for next year.

I’ll be honest: I hate spring shopping. I’m awful at transitioning between seasons. My heart is cold and my desire is to dress as such all the time. Give me all the grays and cold weather accessories. My heart is happy, and winter-loving.

But, I can’t avoid it. Spring is here.

And, because I work in retail, I have to act like I’m excited about it.

If I have learned anything in the past 2 and a half years of working at Gap, it is that there are certain pieces you need. These are the clothes that you can wear with nearly almost anything, and pair it up with the rest. A shirt, a jacket, some jeans, etc. We call them staples because can be used nearly year-round, never go out of style, and are arguably worth the buy to keep some basics in your closet. They’re flexible enough to be paired with several different outfits for tons of of different occasions, and are also basic enough to get plenty of use.

As March breezes by us and we watch the flowers grow outside our windows, there are a few items that I will be wearing these coming weeks. Below are the pieces that have made those transitions easier for me for several seasons now. These pieces are so flexible, yet basic, you can buy this week and thank me for next year. I promise, you’ll still love them then.

:: :: ::

Utility Jacket

I bought the navy one last year, wore it out of the store, and got compliments just minutes after I got out of my car to meet with friends. It has a drawstring on the inside, so I can tighten it and still keep my body shape. I’m still discovering its hidden pockets. It’s easy to keep clean. Plus, and I’m sure it’s totally not advertised as this, but it’s not afraid of a little rain. I often resort to this jacket as my rain coat because it dries quickly, and keeps me dry on the inside too. I can layer it up, or keep it plain. I can wear it with dresses or jeans, and heels or sneakers. Yeah— it’s THAT versatile. It’s perfect. As a matter of fact, I’m even wearing it now as I type this. Even though last year’s looks slightly different, this year is still offering one that is basically identical. Spring is happy to see this jacket again.



Girlfriend Jeans

Okay, so you’re going to see the picture of them and say, “Wow, Brianna. These look disgusting.” And then you’re going to try them on and say, “Wow, Brianna. These make me look disgusting.” But, I’m going to respond by telling you to walk outside the fitting room, down the hall to that huge mirror, look at how happy your legs look, and then come back. For me, all I had to do was walk around in these to know I wanted them. They are so comfy. I take off my skinny jeans most nights and have a line imprinted on my legs, but these? Well, these are my break. These are the jeans I wear when I want to be comfortable, but still look like I care about life. These jeans basically break all the rules, but in a totally modest and chill way, and I love it. They inspire me to wear what I want— not in a “I’m just not wearing clothes today” way, but in a “I want to wear sneakers and a tee today.” These jeans give me the confidence to do that. Dress them with sneakers, flats, oxfords, sandals. The shoes set the tone, and you can use any of them. And did I mention you’d be completely comfy?




These are soft on the outside and the inside. Probably what makes these the most appealing is the color selection. I went into the store thinking I’d go with a caramel or olive, but came out with coral. What, wait. Who am I? I’m Brianna McNeese and I don’t wear coral, right? These shoes had a different story to tell. Go with a safe, neutral color. Or, go with a bold color for that pop of color. And here’s a reminder: it’s spring. And as I mentioned earlier, I hate this transition. Mostly because I hate the color changes. But, these shoes give me hope.These shoes give the freedom to wear a pop of color to get everyone off your back about dressing like you love spring, but also let you keep the neutrals in the closet. These shoes are my way of saying to spring, “You can pry the gray clothing from my lifeless fingers after I die. I will keep my gray dresses and black cardigans… and these coral shoes. Thank you.”



T-Shirt Dress

This is a sweet story. I left work at 6:15 for my first date with Travis last April. On my way out, I realized I had nothing new and cute to wear for him. So, I stopped by Gap on my way out of the mall and within 10 minutes, was walking out with a t-shirt dress. By 7:05, I was walking out of my dorm in my new, easy to layer dress and completely confident in the time I was about to spend with him. Not only did I wear it that night, but I’ve worn it a few times since then (somewhat sentimental, you know?), and it always catches attention. They’re a great length, and can be worn nearly anytime of year. Seriously. Put some booties and a light scarf with it tomorrow, and by May you’ll be able to wear sneakers and a denim vest with it. I bought the stripes last year, and chose a solid for this year. Oh, and by the way, he gave me a big smile when he picked me up for that first date.



Super Soft Tee

This one was just too easy to not mention. This is the kind of thing you buy on a whim just because it looks fun. It’s super soft, and you’re basically stuck with it for the rest of your life because you can wear it with anything. A skirt and scarf will dress it up, or a denim jacket and sneakers will tone it down. It’s soft. Cheap. Fun. All the things. This shirt is all the things.

:: :: ::

So, this is what I’m wearing. And honestly, it makes me a little more excited to be in my hammock and catch the tables on the outside patio of the coffee shop in these coming weeks.

What about you? What fashion pieces are looking into as we move into spring? What do you think about these pieces? What would you do differently to them?

Long live spring and staple pieces.

:: :: ::

Inspired by the job I love and the product I sell. Thanks due to my mother for latching on to crazy ideas and being my photographer for an hour, and only judging me for it twice.